Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Happy Birthday Girl

This is our Weimaraner Tessa! And April 20, 2011 was her 2nd birthday!
"Hi my name is Tessa (or, as my Dad calls me... Pupopotamus)
Wanna Play?"


Itty Bitty Baby Tessa at about 7 weeks old 

Not quite awake yet, but already loving living in the land of Spoiledom all cozy and warm under her sheep skin blankie.

If she kisses him will he turn into a handsome Prince? 

Her first winter and first time to see snow!

Second winter and has figured out that snow is FUN!

Proving that she learned something from obedience training...


Tessa believes she is the most beautiful dog on planet Earth, just look at how she posed for this profile shot, making sure I got her 'good side'.

She shows up in almost every one of my posts (in one way or another),
see her there in the mirrors? I'm going to do a  post about what I have planned for all this stuff on my To-Do list.

But instead, her highness is waiting to be taken on her morning promenade while I follow behind with a Doggie Doo Doggie Done Bag.

And I will be telling myself 'Life is good'... because that's what it says on Tessa's collar!

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