Thursday, 15 September 2011

Paris Inspired Guest Bath

Funny how art can inspire a room... I recently got this lovely fine art photo by Irene Suchocki titled "Paris is a feeling" with the $100.00 gift certificate from Joss & Main that I won from At The Picket Fence blog (thanks Vanessa and Heather!)

I've never been to Paris (it's on my bucket list), but I was in Spain last summer and spent almost two weeks in Madrid and Barcelona, and this lovely work of art reminded me of that trip.
My favorite memories are of the times we spent walking down the cobblestone streets, lined with beautiful, old, architecturally detailed buildings with quaint shops, eateries and galleries on street level, and up above, were gorgeous balconies with intricate iron work and beautiful blooming plants trailing down.

I've been wanting to 'dress-up' the guest bath for awhile, not being one to decorate a room using a theme...mostly because I think they always seem over the top, juvenile and just plain silly,  plus... I just don't know how to successfully pull theme decorating off.  That being said,  I was determined to use this fine art photograph of Paris architecture, as a focal point in what, to most, would seem like an unlikely room to display it, but it IS a room that every guest to our home visits at one time or another, so in my opinion it deserves a nice piece of art.

I hung a pair of extra long (108") sheer panels from ceiling to floor on each end of the tub. This allows the light from the narrow window to come through, and I think that the see through black fabric looks sexy... kind of like a french negligee.

The colors in the photograph are mostly neutrals with the exception of the reds and oranges on the hot air balloons, so I choose a framed poster advertising The Black Cat... a 19th century cabaret in the bohemian Montmartre district of Parisand a vintage photo of the Eiffel tower that both have a touch of muted red in them, to compliment the photograph.

The counter top is on the small side, so I kept it simple, but dramatic. The accessories include a replica of the Eiffel tower made from twisted wire, a small wooden sculpture of a nude, and a pair of silver and crystal vases.

I just had to use this art deco sculpture... after all, art deco is an eclectic artistic and design style, that began in Paris in the 1920's

The artwork and accessories worked so well with the existing sepia colored walls, that I didn't have to repaint the room.

I filled the vases with tall sliver beaded sticks that reflected in the mirror, looks very dramatic. The silver beads sparkle in the light and appear to float above.

I love this black and white runner, the pattern reminds me of the ironwork balconies in the inspiration photograph.

I think my wonderful "Paris Is A Feeling" fine art photograph has given this room a real Paris feel... without the issues that I have with theme decorating.
Thank you so very much Heather and Vanessa for your wonderful giveaway of $100.00 Joss & Main gift certificate, I think I spent it well!

Bon Jour!

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