Sunday, 9 October 2011

A cook lives here

I've hesitated to do a post featuring my kitchen... why?  Because a cook lives here.
When it comes to this particular room of the house, I leave my decorator's hat at the door and don a chef's apron.

I don't do seasonal vignettes, display treasured cookware, or have stacks of cook books on display... this room is strictly business! And not just because counter space is at a premium... even at our previous home where I had miles of counter space, my kitchens have always been void of stuff 

I keep my counter-tops whistle clean and free of clutter, simply because I don't want to have to move stuff around when I have the desire to prep a whole fish, make miles of pasta, or plate up a dinner for ten.

No stuff on the upper cabinets... decorator heresy!

On the counters flanking the cook top, one side is where I keep a few 'go-to' items... such as oils, sherry, pepper mills and salts.

The other, just a simple carousel of utensils.   I function better in a utilitarian style kitchen and keep only items that I use on a regular basis on the counters, leaving plenty of room for the ingredients for the days menu.

I don't even like stuff on the bar!

Please don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not a kitchen decor snob, I LOVE flipping through magazines and browsing blogs filled with beautifully decorated kitchens. I've even tried it myself... but,

when it comes right down to it, as far as this room is concerned... my love for cooking far out weighs my desire to decorate...why? Because a cook lives here!

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