Sunday, 20 November 2011

Thank you Anonymous!

I recently posted the photos that our Realtor's photographer took of our house that we are trying to sell, and I asked for any staging advise that my followers and visitors had to offer. (See post & full comment here) I like to think of myself as a 'big girl' who can take constructive criticism, so I was up for whatever was thrown my way, and sure enough... one kind soul took me up on the offer and made this suggestion.
"The only thing, and I do mean only, because everything else was absolutely full of beautiful perfection, was the large window in the family room that had no blinds, curtains, valances, panes, or other items to keep one from feeling as if the second one enters that area, the window overpowers and keeps the eye on it, making it hard to notice all the other stunning things in the room."

Even though this window (like all the others) have custom made Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds installed, when fully raised, it does look as though there is nothing in the window. That being said and
thanks to Anonymous's observation, I added some panels that made a significant difference to the room.

This falls under the category of "why didn't I this sooner?" I have had these panels for over a year, they were intended for the lounge/sitting room's bay windows.

I hung the panels to the sides of the window and slightly overlapping the sill, so that none of the golf course view was obstructed from the view point of our chairs that we use to watch TV.

The panels are 102" long and this window, due to the slop of the roof line requires only 95" max, and since I didn't want to cut off the access fabric because our next house will more than likely have high ceilings and tall windows too, I just puddled them on the floor. (Yes, that's Miss Tessa, the scene stealer)

The color of the panels is the exact same shade of cream as the Silhouette blinds on the patio door and breakfast area windows, allowing them to blend effortlessly with the room.

Even with the Silhouette's closed, the panels still add texture and warmth to the room that was missing before.

Thank you Anonymous! Whoever you are... I really appreciate the candid and honest suggestion that you left in my comment box. Not only do I hope your comment helps our house show better to potential buyers, I also hope it encourages other blog readers to voice their honest opinions even if it means going against the unanimous opinion of the other comments... I think this helps us all be better bloggers, think outside of the box and grow as home stylists.

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