Friday, 29 July 2011

Mobile Farmers Market

It doesn't get any better than when the Farmer Market comes to you! Every Friday morning during the growing season, two Farmers from the near by town of Ponder, shows up in their pickup trucks and set up shop in the parking lot of our Country Club.

They bring with them fresh, local, and at the peak of the season greatness in the form of fruits, vegetables, melons and berries.

They set up their portable stands at first light and stay until they sell out, which is pretty quickly...
I got there at 9:00ish and the berries were already almost gone and there were tale tale bare spots on what was once packed folding tables.

Armed with my golf car, camera and 25 Washington's, I headed out the door...
and came back with all this!

I will be using the new potatoes in a Gratin recipe made with Gruyere, the string beans will be prepared in my five-five method (will share later) and the peaches will be grilled and served over vanilla ice cream with pan tossed buttered pecans. This is part of menu that will be served at our dinner party tomorrow night.

These purple hulled peas are my Man's favorite, and I stock up on them during the growing season and freeze them to use through out the year. There is nothing like using fresh black eye's for New Years dinner when only the dried or canned variety is all that's available in the stores. The best part is that the Farmers have a huller, so the peas are already shelled and clean, and for $4 a bag you can't beat it, especially since all the hard work is done for you.

I hope you all have a great weekend and try to find your own local grown greatness and treat yourselves to something fresh from the garden... even if the garden does not come to you!

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