Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I have FIREWORKS at all my picnics!

Kicking off summer with a Ohh-Ahh-Ooo! 

It's been a long time tradition for us to attend at least one of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's 'Concerts in the Garden' series, and this year was no exception. This past Saturday (June 18th, 2011) we were thrilled to attend an OVER-THE-TOP performance by Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue.

Me and my Sweetie after we staked out our claim on the lawn area of the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens where the Concerts are held each year.

Our 'Picnic Neighbors' a fun and delightful group of ladies.

You can see how the lawn area fills up,  this photo was taken about a half  hour after we got our 'spot'

This is our view of the stage, you can reserve the tables on the other side of the fenced area, but we don't think they are as comfortable or offer the best view of the fireworks display that are shot off after every performance.
Miguel Harth-Bedoya, the Music Director of the FWSO who was there handing out free 'Discover Your Symhony' cds (that are awesome)

I wasn't sure if I was going to include this, but it's the only photo I have with me and the super handsome
Miguel Harth-Bedoya,  so I decided to go for it and turn it into a little game, called 'What am I doing'

You get to pick from 3 choices...

(#1) I just bit into a lemon & instantly gained 10 lbs

(#2) I have 'Bitter Beer Face" & instantly gained 10 lbs

(#3) I let my 'Sweetie' take a picture of me with a Super Handsome Conductor & I instantly gained 10 lbs

All of you who picked #3 are correct!   The rest of you get to enjoy the following photos of the spectacular fireworks!  And a word to my Sweetie... if I'm able to score tickets to the FWSO Celebrate America Concert Two for your birthday... you better not let me anywhere near a camera because you know what they say about 'pay-backs'!

We had fabulous time again at the Concerts in the Garden, and we even have the T Shirts to prove it!

Joining these fun parties...

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