Saturday, 27 August 2011

Drama Queen

I spent yesterday with my MIL, and part of the fun was having a fabulous, leisurely, girly style lunch in the quaint town square of Roanoke, followed by a stop into Sadie's Upscale Resale & Consignment shop, to see if we could find 'something that we couldn't live without'.  One of my finds was a bundle of long stemmed dried leaves that I thought would be perfect for Fall decorating.

When I saw them, I knew that they wanted to call my big blue urn home, and act as a fall replacement for the fern that had been residing there all summer long in our entry area.

After flagging down the owner to ask how much the dried leaves cost (since there was no price tag), she said she would sell them for $2 each. I told her that I didn't want just one or two, that I was the greedy sort, and wanted them all.
After thinking about it, she said $20 bucks and their yours!
I figured that there had to be at least 30 of them, so I scooped them into my arms and made a bee-line to the check out counter!

When I got them home and counted them, I had 51 of these beauties... if indeed I did have to pay $2 each, they would have been $102.00, so I saved myself $82.00!

I love having some kind of a WOW factor in the entry, and knew that a large scale arrangement would do the trick.

But instead of leaving the urn on the floor in front of the french doors, where it was parked all summer, I thought it would have a greater impact if I put the urn with the leaves on the pedestal attached to the pony wall by the front door.

WOW!... let the drama begin!

It works really well with the scale of the gallery wall, and large copper mirror in the dining area,

I love having tall ceilings, and finding new ways to decorate the space above eye level... I think by doing this, it gives the room balance.

This certainly gives the small entry a big impact with lots of DRAMA!


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