Thursday, 11 August 2011

Eighty pieces of French glassware... Really?

I'm still shaking my head wondering how I ended up with all these dishes...
It started a couple of Sundays ago in the church lobby, when my neighbor came in, and I asked her what she had been up to, she proceeded to tell me that she had been helping her daughter who lives in Dallas with a two household garage sale over the weekend.  She went on to explain something about her daughter remarrying a widowed Dr., and that they had all this stuff that had to be condensed into one house, and then my mind left the conversation and moved on to a book that the Youth Pastor mentioned in the service titled The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis... from there it moved on to the idea of stopping into Barnes & Noble after lunch today to buy it, and wouldn't a Starbucks iced coffee be good on a hot day...  as my thought jumped from on thing to another I heard the words BLUE DISHES $40.00

"What?  Did you say something about blue dishes?" I asked after reeling my mind back into the up until then,  one sided conversation.
I know, that's not a nice thing to do, especially at church, but I'm pretty sure that I was suffering momentarily from Adult ADD, however when I heard the words 'Blue Dishes' combined with $40.00 in a conversation about garage sale leftovers, my ears perked up and the next words out of my mouth were... 'SOLD!  I'LL TAKE THEM!'

I had forgotten all about the church lobby transaction until I got a phone call today from my neighbor informing me that she had brought the dishes back from Dallas and I could come pick them up...
'Uh, OK... I'll hop in the golf cart and be right over'
'Golf cart! Oh honey, these boxes won't fit on a golf cart, you better bring the car'
At this point I'm thinking that I should have paid closer attention to the conversation, and started to wonder what I gotten myself into... I just assumed that for 40 bucks it had to be a place setting for 4, 6 at the most.

No siree Bob... I scored a service for 18, (sans cups) two large serving bowls and 6 platters (I will be using those as chargers) of the most delicate shade of blue glassware with grapes, leaves and what looks to me like columns embossed on them, and stamped on the bottom of each piece is arcoroc, France. Ooh la la, I haven't ever had French dinnerware before!

I don't know a thing about glassware, and after hitting several search engines... I still don't know diddly squat about these.  I found tons of pink glassware, some referred to as 'Depression Glass' or 'Vintage' with prices ranging all over the board, but not a single result or image of the blue ones that I have.
If any of you tablescapers or dish collectors know anything about these, please let me know if they are trash or treasure.
Either way, I love how they look with my Haviland, Blue Garland china.

The thing is, I have NO idea where I'm going to keep all these dishes, seeing that my cabinets, hutch and sideboard are full and running over to the point that my Man thinks that I could easily end up on an episode of Horders Buried Alive the Special Dishes Edition!
And in case you were wondering...
Yes! From now on I will be paying VERY close attention to all church lobby conversations that I enter into  before I even think about uttering the word 'SOLD!'

I will be joining...

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