Friday, 19 August 2011

Floor to Ceiling Wall Gallery

Last week when I was re-doing the dining room with fall inspired colors and accessories, I ran into an on going problem that I have had with one of the walls, a cornered wall to be exact.
It's tall and narrow with a doorway connected to it on one side, the other is where I have an over sized console table and usually, a very large mirror or painting hanging above it.

The problem is with scale, no matter what I put here it either looks skimpy in comparison with what is hanging over the console, or it is in direct competition. To solve the problem, I thought I would try a gallery of various sized pictures and mirrors going from floor to ceiling and stretching from one side of the wall to the other.

This grouping of 4 prints looks too small for the wall

The large paintings compete with the oversized mirror

The gallery wall now compliments the wall with the console table and mirror.

Now the wall adds drama to the room.

To achieve this, I stretched two tape measures out on the floor with the measurements from floor to ceiling on one, and side to side on the other, then I just started filling the space with pictures, using the tape measures as my guide.

I edited out the ones that I didn't think worked well in a group, and changed out some of the light mats to darker ones to add more contrast.

I painted the large green frame in the center of the group, a champagne gold to match the large center frame on the top row and purposely left it empty to use as a showcase for smaller pictures that would otherwise get lost within the group.

After I got the grouping that I liked, I started by hanging the top row first, with the center frame 4 inches from the crown molding, and worked my way down using the same 4 inch spacing between each row, ending with the bottom row 4 inched from the baseboard... giving me a perfectly spaced floor to ceiling gallery.

I am so happy that I finally found a solution to this problematic cornered wall, while turning it into a dramatic focal point for the entire dining and lounge area.

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