Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthdays ruin good intentions...

I was going to get up early and do a post for the Roomspiration Blog Party & Hop, Dining Rooms Edition at  Involving Color. Of course I didn't plan ahead, meaning  I had to set the dining room table in something 'Fall',  take photos, edit them, write a post, you bloggers know the drill.
My intentions were really good, I DID get up early and I DID get as far as setting the table and taking the photos... but then friends and family started calling to wish me a happy birthday, I had a nice lunch with some wine, and my Man, a 'mailbox' visit with my next door neighbor that turned into practically a block party when other neighbors joined in ... and now it's getting close to that time where I need to figure out what I'm going to wear out to dinner tonight, I still need to wash my hair, and I haven't made my grocery list for tomorrow, plus I would really like to have another glass of wine out on the patio since it is a nice day...
So,  In the words of Miss Scarlet O'Hara... "Tomorrow is another day"
Tomorrow I will finish the post that I had intended for today and be the very last to link up to the Roomspiration blog party... but Birthdays come first !

(and hopefully 52 more)

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