Monday, 19 September 2011

An Eclectic Guest Bedroom

 Our guest bedroom is an eclectic mix of styles and periods, none of the furnishing were purchased specifically to go together, or even to be used in same room. To be perfectly honest, the Guest Bedroom is a dumping ground for our unused furniture that we didn't want to get rid of, but had nowhere else to put... and somehow, it all just seems to work together for what turned out to be a really comfortable room... good enough for guests!

The behemoth size triple armoire, belonged to my mom, she was told by the antique dealer that sold it to her that it was from Russia, I had an estate professional tell me it was English... either way, it's huge and this is the only wall in the house that it fits on.

The headboard is from West Elm, the overlapping squares has an Asian feel to it. It is the only piece of furniture that was specifically purchased for the room, at the time, I was going for a Zen style retreat.

The giant canvas behind the headboard, came from my next door neighbors moving sale. When I bought it, it was thickly painted with shades of blue and mauve in a modern 1980's star burst, I painted it a lacquered white to highlight the textures. I had nowhere in particular to place a piece of art this size, but for $40, I figured the canvas alone was well worth it.

The nightstands are end-tables that were purchased to flank the sofa in the living room, but didn't quite work out because it made the sofa area too wide for the room. The tall lamps were on a buffet table that I sold before we moved here.
I love the how canvas behind the headboard, with the side tables flanking the bed, creates layers and a focal point for the room.

The fabric used for the duvet cover was originally intended for window panels in the Master Bedroom. I didn't have enough fabric for pillow shams, fortunately I found these striped shams with all the same colors at Target, I made the zebra throw pillows years ago.

This mid century modern chair, originally upholstered in red leather and was intended for the living room, It was recovered in in a small leopard print and now works perfectly in the Guest Bedroom as a nice place to sit and read.

The wall shelves are from Ikea,  and used to be in our daughters bedroom at our previous home, along with the small TV.

This room is the only room (other than bathrooms) that does not have a view of the golf course, but it does have a nice view of the Courtyard.

The moral to this story is that even a Furniture Graveyard can be transformed into a room fit for royalty... at least our princess, Miss Tessa thinks so!

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