Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fall Tea Table

I recently switched out the coffee table in the family room for a tea table... more on that tomorrow, today I want to show you the simple, neutral, fall vignette on top (and below) of this old Victorian beauty.

Since the table is a dark wood, I chose elements in shades of white and cream,  with the exception of a sparse collection of fall colored finds from my yard.

The got the pumpkins at Target, about 5 or 6 years ago... now white pumpkins are all the rage.

One of the great things about tea tables, is that they are long legged... allowing space for objects to be placed below.

It's fun using books to decorate... they add texture, color, height, and an element of studiousness to their possessors (rather they really are or not).

I like to alternate the book spines so that they can be seen from all angles.

The carved whitewashed candle sticks came from Garden Ridge at least 15 years ago... that's more years than I care to admit!

The pillows in shades of brown, gold, and cream on the sofa, complement the dark wood table and the whitewashed vignette.

Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the room, and how the switch from coffee to tea made all the difference!

I will be joining these fun parties...

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