Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coffee or Tea?... Tables that is!

Yesterday I showed you the fall vignette on my tea table, that just recently, with an authoritative, but polite Victorian voice... told the coffee table to hit the road!

I've had this table for years, it was one of my Mom's pieces that I acquired, and it used to serve as an end table next to the love seat at our previous home. After downsizing when the kids moved out, this grand Victorian style lady unfortunately has spent more time covered up in the garage than she has inside our new home.

After seeing Kim's tea table at Savvy Southern Style, and how she uses it instead of a coffee table (see her post here), I decided it was high time to bring my Victorian lady back in the house and let her have the spot light she so well deserves.

I love how much space is freed up by using a tea table, plus the height allows room to display items that would never fit or be seen under a coffee table. Also with it's smaller size, I have room to pull up one of my louis chairs.

The size, height and airiness that a tea table provides, takes all the 'weight' off the floor of the room, making the room seem so much bigger, even with the addition of an extra chair.

Before, the coffee table overshadowed the sofa, and it's height... the same as the ottomans, gave no visual depth to the room.   (Yes, that's Miss Tessa chewing a bone on her dog bed, and yes, I know I need drapes for the windows.)

I love the pie crust top and the carved details of this tea table, I can't believe I had her covered up with sheets out in the garage!

I'm glad that I made the switch from Coffee to Tea! How about you, is it a change you will be making?

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