Saturday, 3 September 2011

Restored Villa in Sweden

The Italian inspired villa Muramaris which means "hearth by the sea" is located north of Visby and was built around 1915. Owners Ellen von Hallwyl and Johnny Roosval allow us to step in and take a look.!0/8d6vxpbfrhy01ohchlffj9un9tf9jf3/Antikt%20p%c3%a5%20Muramaris!0/2wdnoxrv1jkygcfuw328rru009d7p3l/Antikt%20p%c3%a5%20Muramaris

A magnificent sandstone fireplace in the sitting room. The goddess of love flanked by two male figures that symbolize suffering and hard work appear at the top, and the four elements air, earth, fire and water at the sides. The latter two are seen here represented by a dragon and a mermaid. On the wall, and painted by artist Greta Ruuth, is the hunting goddess Diana.!0/gbhg1jqh8krcfs3lhpeb10e8iz2gzsm/Antikt%20p%c3%a5%20Muramaris

The hall originally had no windows, but was built as an open loggia with arches overlooking the garden.!0/mkaoksy7d7di8zl6n21vl07pdsqx73c/Antikt%20p%c3%a5%20Muramaris

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