Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tour of my Sitting Room

Our Sitting room (we call it "The Lounge") is absolute my favorite room in the house. I know that most people never use their formal living room/sitting rooms, and that's why we decided set ours up to be a wine tasting room, and I certainly love tasting wine, ergo... it's my favorite room in the house!

When buying furniture for this odd shaped room (it's literally shaped like a horseshoe), I wanted to take advantage of the view of the fairway, and create a space that promotes conversation when entertaining. I placed the four slipper chairs in a radial symmetry fashion, so that no matter where you sit, you are facing someone.

I have a Barcelona style bench placed below the art niche for added seating, and chairs from the dining area can easily be pulled up to the area, and still maintain that 'sitting around a campfire' configuration.

The Chinese cabinet, houses libations and bar supplies on the inside, while crystal decanters grace the top.

I love how this area looks at night, it has a cozy, moody feeling that just draws you in, begging to come sit awhile.

The room is tucked into a bay window area just across from the open concept dining area.

This entire area of the house is very open, where one "room" flows into the next. It's also very versatile.  Last Christmas, I had the whole area reversed... the area that is the setting room was the dining room and the dining room became the sitting room.

Currently the large cocktail table is sporting a vignette of fall colors... it hints at the season, without the use of typical seasonal icons such as pumpkins... I think this keeps the space 'grown-up and sophisticated' while still respecting the season.

I love using books to give a subtle play to the surrounding elements in a vignette, such as this geology book next to a copper tray filled with rocks collected from my husbands travels.

The duck decoy was hand carved for my dad, and the little crane is carved from bone,  it was given to me by my father-in-law, I think he acquired it when he was serving in Korea.

Since I have these fine feathered friends at the table, I thought the carved peacock on this little inlaid box, that belongs to our daughter, would fit in nicely too.

The items on this table are all great conversation starters, and all have little stores behind them... perfect for sharing over a glass of wine, or a cocktail.

The art niche is home to my leopard sculpture... Monsieur Pussycat.

I bought him twelve years ago at a little shop in Grapevine, TX called Pandemonium, to specifically go in a large art niche in our previous home, and after all these years I'm still not tired of him... Monsieur Pussycat will always get a prominent place to be displayed no matter what house I call home.

This concludes our little tour of my favorite room in the house... The Sitting Room.

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